What Happens?

What happens when you call 9-1-1?

9-1-1 Dispatcher answers, “911, what is your emergency?”

9-1-1 Dispatcher views the caller’s phone number and address/location on a computer display and verifies the information (name and address) with the caller. Mobile/cellular calls may not provide caller’s exact location…Describe your location, using intersections, street names and businesses as landmarks!

9-1-1 Dispatchers ask brief questions to determine the type of emergency.

Once the emergency is identified, the appropriate responder agencies are notified for dispatch—Emergency Response is underway!

9-1-1 Dispatcher may ask additional questions to determine if other agencies or equipment are required. Remain calm and follow instructions and answer all questions.

If the call is medical in nature, the EMD dispatcher asks a series of medically related questions, and may even provide the caller instructions for administering CPR or other First Aid measures.

Responding emergency crews are given continuous updates as callers provide more information.

A successful emergency response depends on accurate answers to 9-1-1 questions…

….Please be patient with us so that we can help you!